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Your RV Has Three Different Values Based on the Type of Transaction

The process of selling your RV on your own can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have never done it before. Here are some tricks of the trade that make determining fair-market value and maximizing your exposure easy.

Taking a few extra steps will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also give you a great shot of selling your RV quickly. The first thing to know when looking for a value on your RV is there are several prices to consider: a retail price, trade-in price and private-party price. The retail price is the price a dealership will try to command for the RV. This price is at the high end of the market and often includes arbitrary markups. A trade-in price is the price a dealership will give you when trading in your RV while purchasing a different RV. And finally, the private-party price is the expected price of your RV if you choose to sell it yourself. Generally, the private-party price will fall in between the retail and trade-in price of your RV.

You can save yourself thousands of dollars by opting to sell the RV yourself. One thing to understand is that dealers will try to give you the least amount they can on trade so they have plenty of room to sell it themselves for a profit. Depending on the year, make, model and overall condition of the RV this could cost you thousands of dollars. Keeping the money for yourself and selling it on your own yields your best chances at a maximum monetary return.

Determining Fair Market
Value of Your RV

The process of pricing your RV accurately should start with getting an idea of what fair market value is in your area. Valuation services like RV Premium can help in obtaining the data you need to get a general idea of what your RV is worth. They provide retail, trade and private-party pricing based on the details of your RV and overall condition.

Next, do a little more research to confirm your findings. It’s a good idea to do comparable checks on RVs of similar styles in your area. Find out what other private-party sellers are asking and even look at dealership prices to compare similar year, make, model, condition and mileage RVs. With the information you have gathered, you can now give an honest assessment of the overall condition and maintenance of your RV. Have you changed the oil on a regular basis? Has the general maintenance, like brakes and fluids been checked and changed regularly? If the RV has been in an accident, was it fixed by a reputable company back to its original condition?

Setting Your Starting Price:
Leave Room to Negotiate

Now, the fun part. With the information you have gathered and the assessment of your RV in mind, price your RV accordingly. Remember, your starting price as private-party seller should fall within the range of trade and retail.

The other factor to consider are what comparable units are being sold for. If your RV is grossly overpriced or undervalued, buyers will be wary and may not show interest.

Once interest and offers start to materialize, be patient and adjust accordingly. It’s important to not be offended by an initial offer. The buyer is using this opportunity to feel you out and see just how much room for negotiation there is. Keep the buyer engaged by open communication and gaining an understanding of why they’re purchasing and how much they want to spend.

The biggest factors for a successful sale are pricing and exposure. The number one factor of whether or not a vehicle sells is PRICE. If you have done your due diligence to ensure that the pricing of your vehicle is accurate within the current market, you have maximized your chances of selling your vehicle quickly.

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